What we do

Our Corporate Programmes have been developed with the sole purpose of providing our clients with complete solutions to grow and innovate their businesses.

Our portfolio is comprised with solutions for any type of Organization. 

We Offer:

Digital Transformation

Big Data & Analytics Mobile Cloud Social Media

Service Innovation

Business modelling Organizational Innovation Sales trends analysis

Optimize Your Services

Process Optimization User-centered design Behavioral Research

We strive to promote innovation in every aspect of your company.

Corporate Ventures

Much like the Innovation Centers that many large companies have been benefiting from over the years, we offer you the same possibility!

You will have your own personal Innovation Hub. 

Our team of experienced Professionals from several sectors will help you expand the possibilities of your business and take advantage of new business opportunities! 

Our role will be to manage, mentor, develop and implement solutions for the sponsor company. 

Corporate Acceleration

At Rede Dinâmica XXI we have developed a Corporate program based on the most prominent, advanced and successful acceleration programs developed so far. Our goal is to provide startup ventures with faster growth and consequentially to provide corporations with innovations and higher return-on-investments.

Selection Process

It all begins with the Selection Process, our Association will provide you with several startups with innovative businesses and disruptive technologies for your Corporation to choose from.

Terms of investment

After the most adequate startups have been chosen, the Executives and the Startup founders will define the terms in which the acceleration process will be implemented.


During the acceleration process the startups will be supported with all the resources of Rede Dinâmica XXI, including mentorship and specialized professionals to help the Startups develop the ventures for the possibility of full integration into the core business of the Corporation.


After the acceleration period, the Startups can expect to obtain follow-on funding if full integration isn’t possible or if it would be beneficial for the Startup to grow further before integration.

The Corporations can then assess if it is possible and viable to: integrate the Startups into their core business, set up a partnership or co-development.  

Please contact our Team to receive more information.