Demo Day – Unicorns Pitch

Demo Day – Unicorns Pitch

Enroll now for the next Unicorns, ask for the Pitch decks!

On this coming 9th of June we will be launching a Webinar, this time around, focussing on Investors that are scouting for the next unicorns. Are you one of those? 

You are considering investing in Portuguese Startups but do not know where to start?  Then you should join us on the 9th of June. In this Webinar, we’ll try to answer this question “Why Portugal is now, in Europe, one of the best locations to invest in startups?”  

Portugal is now gathering the right ingredients to become a Startup Nation in Europe: 

  • international funds rushing into the country (9 unicorns already and more coming in the pipeline), 
  • SMEs starting to dive into Open Innovation,
  • tax incentives for investors, 
  • the great talent available with Founders from all around the world are now kicking off their business across Portugal, 
  • great landscape, great food, great wine, great surf, great infrastructure,
  • home grew incubators and accelerators are feeding the ecosystem with amazing quality startups and last but not least…. 
  • the Web Summit, the largest startup tech event globally, is attracting investors and entrepreneurs from all over. 

Opportunities that will be addressed in this Webinar:

  • Softlanding Programs for Investors 
  • Tax Incentives for Investors 
  • Re-locating to Portugal 
  • Co-investing with us
  • Web Summit Mission

If you want more information on our Softlanding Programs you can always sign up for our English, Portuguese or  Spanish  Webinars as well or you can contact me by  WhatsApp or synchronize our calendars here.

This is also a great time to sign up with us and be part of our Investor family. Once you sign up with us, we will send you access to our PITCH-DECK repository. What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

See you there!

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