The Astrolabe Competition took place on November 9th at the Casa de América Latina. This program is being developed by Rede Dinâmica XXI, with the support of its institutional partners, in order to support new startups to obtain investment and leverage their projects in a sustainable and scalable way. Participation in this event provided participants with information on Startups incentives through the Portugal 2020 Program, discounts on the Web Summit 2018 event, access to funding and mentoring through the newly created Investment Fund by Rede Dinâmica XXI, and a 25% discount on entry to the Growth Acceleration Program in 2019. In addition to these benefits, the winners of the competition had access to more than $ 100,000 in prizes, through various sponsors, to support their projects.

The Astrolabe Program allows us to pair Portuguese and Latin American investors with Startups who are looking for investment opportunities in businesses in early or ideation stage.

The network events of the Web Summit 2018, with the participation of Rede Dinâmica XXI and AIESEC, took place from 5th to 9th of November at the Ribeira Market in Lisbon. Around 9 pm, the Ribeira Market became a meeting point for 2018 Web Summit participants, where Startups, Students, Mentors and Investors took advantage of a more relaxed time to network, enjoying the classic “Imperial” and other typical snacks of the excellent Portuguese gastronomy.

This culmination of knowledge and nationalities has become one of the highlights of the Web Summit 2018 and Lisbon Startup Circuit 2018 events, which has allowed us to create ties that are sure to last for many years.

On November 2nd at Lusófona University, the presentation of the newly developed Corporate Acceleration Programs of Rede Dinâmica XXI was held as part of the Lisbon Startup Circuit 2018 event, in order to inform the participants of what Corporate Acceleration is all about. Entities that throughout the world have implemented Corporate Acceleration services presented several distinct problems, however, there is a problem that they all had in common, which boils down to their difficulty in keeping up-to-date with Digital Transformation, which is already a reality all over the globe. For this and other reasons, we have presented solutions to support your company in the implementation of Digital Transformation technologies in an innovative way. The Corporate Acceleration Programs are summarized by the capture of Startups for an Acceleration Program developed specifically for the client entity, where a problem or need is defined previously, which the Startups supported intend to solve. Through these Programs, we have been able to support innovative Startups to grow, while providing organizations with ways to find solutions and implement technologies with faster results and at lower costs.

The Lisbon Startup Circuit, in partnership with the Lusófona University, Casa de América Latina, AIESEC and the organization of the Web Summit 2018, was held on November 2nd through 10th. 

There were 8 intense days of activities – morning, afternoon and evening. In addition to access to the Web Summit 2018, the largest Technology event in the world, participants were given access to: Acceleration Program “Portugal’s Best Gateway into Europe”, visits to incubators, Portuguese “Unicorns”, Mentors, Business Angels, access to the Startups Competition. Through the LSC 2018, participants were able to learn everything they need to know to create a Startup in Portugal. In addition, participating investors were able to attend the opening of the Investment Fund for startups in Latin America developed by Rede Dinâmica XXI, as well as the launch of the Astrolabe Program for scale ups.

Participants also enjoyed cultural tours, incredible places and inspiring stories. At night, networking with people from all over the world, in iconic and lively Lisbon locations. 

GROWTH is an internationalization program for the entry of Latin American startups in the European market through one of the most promising innovation ecosystems in the world: Portugal. 

Entrepreneurs from Startups in more advanced stages of development, with a desire for internationalization, will be able to participate in an immersive program, where they will know the advantages and incentives of the country, develop an internationalization plan, have access to a series of workshops, business rounds, visits to accelerators , incubators, local companies and mentoring with specialists.