Reach your audience where they are… on their phones!

The astounding increase in Mobile technology usage that happened in the last few years is proof of the importance of having mobile presence for any type of business. We have recognized this trend long ago, so we took measures to assure that our associates and startups could easily access to this technology. Through the creation of mobile apps dedicated to their businesses at a low cost.

Within our network, we provide access to an Application Generator (Apps) for mobile devices. This service provides companies with an easy, feature-rich way to create, customize, and publish compelling applications tailored to their needs.  

Our associates at Appsfactory specialize in developing mobile solutions for Startup companies, offering multiple features, even if you’re on a very small budget!

The evolution of mobile technology and the massive amount of data it generates is occurring at a faster rate than most organizations can keep up with. Moreover, the variety of big data analysis technologies are increasingly diversifying and it is difficult for companies to properly evaluate them. 

Our partners at BigData Marketing combine new technologies in order to make a sentiment analysis of what the public is spontaneously saying about your company/brand/product. They help you identify complains and solve them timely, showing the customer you really care.

Replace market studies with sentiment analysis with big advantages in cost, time and accuracy of the conclusions.

You can also make sentiment analysis about the competition and then approach unhappy customers!


In this digital age you need to improve your brand’s communication by using the right story. Storytelling is the fail proof way to get your client’s attention, transmit the right information and get her to act.

On the other hand, video is the language everybody understands in this age of social networks.

Our partners at GeniusPassion specialize in consulting services, particularly in marketing and advertising. 

They will:

The Portugal 2020 represents the Partnership Agreement between Portugal and the European Commission, which brings together the five European Structural and Investment Funds – ERDF, Cohesion Fund, ESF, EAFRD and EMFF – defining the principles which set out the economic, social and territorial development policy to promote, in Portugal, between 2014 and 2020.

These programming principles are aligned with Intelligent, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, pursuing the EUROPE 2020 STRATEGY.

Portugal will receive 25 billion Euros by 2020, setting the thematic objectives to stimulate growth and the creation of employment, the interventions needed to achieve them, and the expected results of this funding.

Our association works as an integral part of this Partnership Agreement, contributing to the overall goal of improving the economic fabric of the Portugal.

Do you wish to learn more about Portugal 2020?

Introducing Startup Visa, which is a residence visa for non-EU-Schengen startup founders, who want to develop their endeavors in some of the fastest growing startup communities in Europe. 

In Portugal this process is managed by IAPMEI, involving the National Network of Incubators spread throughout the whole territory, introducing you right into the portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem and giving your startup access to the European markets.