What we do

Our main goal as an association is to contribute to the leveraging potential of businesses through assisting in the development, planning and execution of short, medium and long term strategies.

In broad terms, we accelerate the development and growth of Startups, aiding them in reaching their goals faster.

Through our Rede Dinâmica XXI you will have:


Market Access

We maintain a network of relationships with several companies, where your companie can find potential business opportunities

Access to Investors

We have connections to investors that either individually or collectively are available to provide your Startup with the capital you need to grow your business


Our network is designed to provide your Startup with additional support, as a means of complementing the knowledge and experience of your internal team, so you are adequately prepared to further your endeavors


Access to training materials and lectures from experienced professionals, to help you learn more about any aspect of your business.


By participating in our Startup acceleration program you will have access to services from our partners, to help you save resources, gain competitive advantages and to focus your efforts on proven solutions.



Reach your audience where they are… on their phones! The astounding increase in Mobile technology usage that happened in the last few years is proof of the importance of having mobile presence for any type of business. We have recognized this trend long ago, so we took measures to assure that our associates and startups could easily access to this technology. Through the creation of mobile apps dedicated to their businesses at a low cost. Within our network, we provide access to an Application Generator (Apps) for mobile devices. This service provides companies with an easy, feature-rich way to create, customize, and publish compelling applications tailored to their needs. Our associates at Appsfactory specialize in developing mobile solutions for Startup companies, offering multiple features, even if you’re on a very small budget!

Big Data Marketing

The evolution of mobile technology and the massive amount of data it generates is occurring at a faster rate than most organizations can keep up with. Moreover, the variety of big data analysis technologies are increasingly diversifying and it is difficult for companies to properly evaluate them. 

Our partners at BigData Marketing combine new technologies in order to make a sentiment analysis of what the public is spontaneously saying about your company/brand/product. They help you identify complains and solve them timely, showing the customer you really care.

Replace market studies with sentiment analysis with big advantages in cost, time and accuracy of the conclusions.

You can also make sentiment analysis about the competition and then approach unhappy customers


In this digital age you need to improve your brand’s communication by using the right story. Storytelling is the fail proof way to get your client’s attention, transmit the right information and get her to act.

On the other hand, video is the language everybody understands in this age of social networks.

Our partners at GeniusPassion specialize in consulting services, particularly in marketing and advertising. 

Startups are trained to develop their Business, test hypotheses, create MVPs, validate value propositions, listen to potential customers, validate and enhance your idea of business. At the end of 3 months, are presented in a Pitches competition.

3 Months


Introducing startups to investors! The investors receive a performance report of the startups in the last 3 months and watch the performance of entrepreneurs in order to choose which ones will be will be subject to acceleration.

1 Day

Startups chosen by the Fund’s executive team receive an investment in exchange for an equity and go through an acceleration process lasting 6-12 months. Objectives, goals and work plan are set in the kickoff, followed by specialized mentors in the sector and the Rede Dinâmica XXI team, aiming at accelerated development.

6-12 Months

After 6-12 months of acceleration, the post-acceleration phase begins. The objective of this stage is to raise new investments until an exit of the fund with an added value that allows new re-investments. Startups can continue to participate in mentoring and workshops, and should share their experiences with the newly accelerated.

6 Months

Our Startup Acceleration Programme was designed for passionate entrepreneurs that want to grow their business into their full potential!   Join our newest program – Lisbon  Startup Circuit

The Blue Bootcamps are an initiative by the the INTERREG MED program, within the 4helix+ project.

Blue Bootcamps aim to bring together entrepreneurs and innovation agents helping MSME’s and well established institutions to connect with each other and grow the economic and social environments of their regions.

Each Blue Bootcamp will be focused on a specific sector of the Blue Economy, considering the following specifications:

72.11 Research and experimental development on biotechnology;  72.1 Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering;

35.11 Production of electricity

55  Accommodation; 56 Food and beverage service activities;  79 Travel agency, tour operator reservation service and related activities; 55.10 Hotels and similar accomodation; 55.20 Holiday and other short stay accomodation; 55.30 Camping grounds, recrational vehicle parks and trailer parks; 55.90 Other accomodation; 77.11 Renting and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles; 77.34 Renting and leasing of water transport equipment; 93 Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities; 93.29 Other amusement and recreation activities

03.2 – Aquaculture; 03.21 – Marine acquaculture;

07.29 Mining of other non-ferrous metal ores; 08.1 Quarrying of stone, sand and clay; 08.9 Mining and quarrying n.e.c.;  09.9 Support activities for other mining and quarrying

06 Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas; 09.1 Support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction; 19.20 Manufacture of refined petroleum products;

33.15 Repair and maintenance of ship and boats; 30.1 Building of ships and boats; 30.11 Building of ships and floating structures; 30.12 Building of pleasure and sporting boats

50 Water transport; 50.10 Sea and coastal passenger water transport; 50.2 Sea and coastal freight water transport; 52.22 Service activities incidental to water transportation;

03.1 – Fishing ; 03.11 – Marine fishing;

91.04 Botanical and zoological gardens and nature reserves activities

08.93 Extraction of salt; 10.84 Manufacture of condiments and seasonings

21.20 Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations;

68 Real estate activities; 91.02 Museums activities; 91.03 Operation of historical sites and buildings and similar visitor attractions;  77.11 Renting and leasing of cars and light motor vehicles; 77.21 Renting and leasing of recreational and sports goods; 81.30 Landscape service activities; 74.2 Photographic activities; 47.8 Retail sale via stalls and markets; 32.3 Manufacture of sports goods; 47.64 Retail sale of sporting equipment in specialised stores;

72.19 Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering

10.2 Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs ; 10.9 Manufacture of other food products n.e.c.; 46.38 Wholesale of other food, including fish, crustaceans and molluscs; 47.23 Retail sale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs in specialised stores; 13.94 Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting;

24.5 Casting of metals; 24.4 Manufacture of basic precious and other non-ferrous metals; 35.21 Manufacture of gas;

42.2 Construction of utility projects; 42.9 Construction of other civil engineering projects; 36 Water collection, treatment and supply; 37 Sewerage; 52.10 Warehousing and storage; 82.92 Packaging activities

All Blue Bootcamps will occur between September 2018 and February 2019, in the different participating regions:

The Blue Bootcamp in Lisbon will happen on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2018, focusing on the Maritime and Coastal Tourism. Visit the webpage below to learn more and apply for the Blue Bootcamps!

Innovation Vouchers - Interreg MED 4helix+

The 4helix+ will award EUR 480.000 to at least 48 Blue sector projects under its Innovation Voucher Scheme. The MSME’s and STARTUP’s will receive funding for the implementation and development of their innovative projects, under the expert guidance of Knowledge Providers (i.e. Cultural and Creative Industries and ‘new innovation agents’).

The project is funded under the Interreg MED Programme and its implementation period goes from 1 February 2018 until 31 July 2020.

In order to participate in the 4helix+ project and receive the funding for your project’s development you are only required to meet the requisites of the programme and leave your application on the website.

The Rede Dinâmica XXI is introducing our Startup Challenge! Which will include a Pitch Competition that allows Startups to present their creative ideas to a jury of investors, with the possibility to gain capital access to develop their ideas.

Each edition of our Startup challenge will be restricted to a few particular sectors, to be defined by the Organizing Committee, in order to gather the most knowledgeable Startups from those specific sectors, providing both Startups and Investors alike with the best future prospects possible.    

The International Startup Meeting bring a new concept for startups to grab the interest from investors face-to-face, through a pitch competition!

The Startups with the best and most innovative ideas will be brought in from of a team of investors to have their 5 minutes of fame, pitching their innovations, business model and growth opportunities.

Is your Startup up to this challenge?

The 1º Edition of the Lisbon International Startup Meeting (ISUM) was hosted by the Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa on the 3rd and 4th of July 2018.

The International Startup Meeting (ISUM) is an annual event, led by the international AIESEC Alumni organization, which seeks not only to bring together the most promising entrepreneurs in the country, but also to maximize their potential as business leaders. Allied to the organizing committee of CEIPEL, 2nd Congress of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Latin Speaking Countries, the offer a programs that include a series of activities, such as leadership seminars, roundtable discussions, workshops and an international startup challenge.

Participants have had the opportunity to attend the lectures of great entrepreneurs, who have achieved great success in their endeavors, and which shared their experiences and knowledge. We have also had the presence of high representatives of public entities, which addressed future growth policies and shared the vision of western states in relation to entrepreneurship, particularly in the innovation and development sectors.

The Lisbon ISUM Bootcamp is a mission that connects startups and investors with the Portuguese Ecosystem – the Lisbon Startup Circuit. The Lisbon Startup Circuit will provide you with an unparalleled experience for networking and business development. Here are the myriad activities that we will have during those 9 intense days:


Pitch competition

Visits to Incubators and Accelerators

Surf circuit